Does Nuki support the iOS 16 Lock Screen widget?

Yes, with the Nuki app version 2022.11.1 we support the iOS 16 Lock Screen widget.

With iOS 16, Apple has made the lock screen customizable and allows you to add widgets directly to your lock screen.
To add the Nuki widget to your lock screen on iOS 16 proceed as follows:
Step 1: Go to your iPhone lock screen and hold down on any blank space to enter the lock screen menu. From here, tap Customize.
Step 2: Look under the clock, you should see an Add Widgets prompt there. Tap on it to begin the widget add process.
Step 3: A widget picker will appear that displays all widgets on your iPhone. Choose the Nuki widget from the displayed widgets. The Nuki iOS 16 widget is supported in two different sizes. Select the desired Nuki device and the preferred action among all locking actions.
Step 4: Tap on "Add widget", which will add the widget to the lock screen.
Step 5: Afterwards select "Done".

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