Are there any restrictions when using the fingerprint?

Thanks to the fingerprint sensor, the Keypad 2 is suitable for all users.
The Keypad 2 is the ideal accessory for your Nuki smart access solution. Users of all ages can open the door with their fingerprint. This also applies to our youngest users. Because the features found in children's fingerprints are usually already sufficient for successful recognition. The Keypad 2 is also self-learning. Each time the sensor successfully recognizes a finger, it refines the stored information. It learns and grows with its users.

As with any fingerprint sensor, the reliability of recognition is affected by several factors. If the fingers are very small and the features of the fingerprint are only weak, recognition is more prone to error. Moisture and dirt also have a negative impact on recognition.

For security reasons, a fingerprint is always linked to an entry code.
This means for you: With the Keypad 2 you have the choice at any time. You can open your door by entering the 6-digit entry code or by placing your finger on the sensor.

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