Auto Unlock opens my door too early. What can I do to prevent this?

Does Auto Unlock open your door too early? From now on, you can delay Auto Unlock. This allows you to adjust the time of opening the door to your individual needs.

This is how the delay of Auto Unlock works
When you have left the Geofence and entered it again after some time, the Nuki app starts the Bluetooth scan for your Smart Lock. Nuki opens your door as soon as your Smart Lock is found via Bluetooth.
With the app version 2023.2.1 you now have the possibility to delay Auto Unlock. This is done by Auto Unlock not opening the door until the Bluetooth signal strength has reached a certain value.

The following options are available
Whenever the door opens too early for your personal needs you can adjust the time of opening the door.

  • No delay: The door will be opened as soon as the Smart Lock is found via Bluetooth.
  • Slight delay: After your Smart Lock is found via Bluetooth AND the Bluetooth signal strength reaches a certain value, your door will be opened.
  • Significant delay: The door is only opened when the Bluetooth signal is strong. Auto Unlock is thus performed with a significant delay.

In these situations the Auto Unlock delay will help you
Some Examples

  • You park your car in front of your house. Before you leave your car, the door is already opened.
  • You are still on a lower floor when your door opens.
  • You want the door to open only when you are standing directly in front of it, and not already when you approach it.

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