Release Notes: Nuki Android app 2023.2.1

What’s new?

Improvements for our Keypad 2.0 users

  • You can use your Keypad in different ways to lock or unlock your door. To help you quickly find the settings that are ideal for you, we have clearly summarised all the lock actions in the Keypad settings.
  • The update also improves the way you teach the Keypad your fingerprint. From now on, you are more flexible and can stop the learning process at any time if necessary. You will also receive informative feedback and suggestions for improvement if the fingerprint is not recognised correctly.
  • When you update your Keypad 2.0, the firmware will be transferred to your Keypad even faster from now on.
  • We have also made one or two changes in the background. This makes Keypad use go even more smoothly.

We want to inspire users all over the world That’s why we are now supporting another time zone with “Atlantic/Reykjavík”. Welcome Iceland!

Performance improvements and bug fixes

  • Swipe Actions have not been working as smoothly as usual lately. We have made improvements here. From now on, you can lock and unlock your door in a flash with just a swipe.
  • We have also been working on minor changes and improvements in the background. This makes the Nuki app run even more smoothly.

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