Release Notes: Nuki Android app 2023.11.1

What's new?

We are excited to announce the latest update for the Nuki app. Here are the improvements and new features you can expect:

Manage the new generation of the Nuki Smart Lock via your Nuki App


The fourth generation of the Nuki Smart Lock offers new opportunities for your Smart Home.

  • Easy integration into leading Smart Home ecosystems
    Matter enables a seamless and local integration into your Smart Home.
  • Extended battery life
    Thanks to various changes in software and hardware, we have succeeded in prolonging the battery life of the new Smart Lock (4th Generation).

Learn more about the new generation of the Nuki Smart Lock .

Performance improvements and bug fixes

  • We have also been working on minor changes and improvements in the background. This makes the Nuki app run even more smoothly.

Enjoy using your Nuki device with the improved Nuki app.

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