Which versions of my smartphone's operating system are supported?

We recommend regular updates for the Nuki app and your smartphone's operating system.

In accordance with our guiding principles of Smart - Simple - Secure, we hold our products to the highest standards of security and quality.

To consistently ensure this high level, we regularly provide updates for the app and firmware. We recommend that our users keep all devices as well as the Nuki app up to date.

Nuki app 
An up-to-date app version not only ensures full functionality but also ensures secure interaction with your Nuki devices. We therefore recommend regularly updating the Nuki app. Here's how to activate automatic updates for the Nuki app.

Operating system 
Regularly updating your smartphone's operating system is also important when it comes to security and convenience. Only with operating system versions supported by us can we guarantee a secure application and full functionality.

The following versions of the operating system are supported:

  • Apple devices: We support all versions starting from iOS 12.
  • Android devices: We support all versions starting from Android 6.0.

Please note that we do not actively develop or fix issues for earlier versions. So, it is essential to regularly update your smartphone's operating system to enjoy a secure and fully functional application.

Also, install the latest firmware updates to protect your Nuki devices optimally and make use of all features.

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