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Users who use multiple Nuki devices in their home will be happy about the new feature "Consider nearby devices". With this feature, Nuki automatically unlocks the door when you come home. At the same time Auto Unlock is canceled for other devices nearby.
The advantage is obvious: With this feature you can make sure that Auto Unlock is only executed at the door you use to enter your home. The other doors remain securely locked.

This is how the new Auto Unlock setting works:
An example

Your house has a front and a back door.
At each door a Nuki Smart Lock is installed.
Today, you enter your home via the back door.
Of course, Nuki should only unlock the door you use to enter your home. In this case the front door should stay securely locked.

This is exactly what you can achieve if you enable the feature for both devices:
As soon as Auto Unlock is executed for the back door, Auto Unlock for the front door is canceled. You can use the back door and be sure that the front door remains locked.

This Auto Unlock setting is supported as of app version 2023.4.1.

Learn more about Auto Unlock

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