Geofence size (Expert setting)

What should be the radius of your geofence?

In the Nuki app you have set the location of your Smart Lock. The geofence is a virtual fence drawn around this location. It acts as an invisible barrier around your home.

The geofence is the area you need to leave and enter again in order to start the Bluetooth scan for your device. The ideal size of the geofence depends on your individual needs and environment.

The Nuki app automatically determines an ideal geofence size for your environment. You can also set the size manually and choose a radius between 100 and 1000 m.


  • You park your car in the garage before entering your home? The limited reception often makes accurate location detection difficult. A larger radius can improve Auto Unlock.
  • All important locations of your daily life (e.g. work, stores…) are in close proximity? In this case it can be useful to keep the geofence small. This way Nuki can react when you come home despite short distances.
  • A large geofence can improve your Auto Unlock experience in some cases. Because a large geofence also means that Nuki has enough time to execute the right actions when you reach or leave your home.

Overall, the size of the geofence should be chosen to fit your needs and requirements while providing reliable and responsive automation.

Important notes on changes to the expert settings
In the expert settings we provide our users with a variety of settings. From these, users should be able to compile the settings that are ideal for their individual use case.
Before making any changes, the Auto Unlock feature should work properly with the default settings. Changes to the expert settings are made at your own risk. If the expert settings are modified, we can only provide limited support.

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