Cancel Auto Unlock after (Expert setting)

How long should the Nuki app search for your device via Bluetooth?

When entering the Geofence the Nuki app starts searching for your Nuki device via Bluetooth. If your device is found within the specified time and a Bluetooth connection has been established, Auto Unlock is performed. If not, Auto Unlock is cancelled.

The duration of the Bluetooth scan depends on your individual needs. By default, the Nuki app searches for your Nuki device for 20 min. You can also set the duration manually and choose a period between 5 and 40 min.


  • You have chosen a very small geofence or you usually drive home by car. There are only a few moments between entering the geofence and arriving home. A short search time for your device is sufficient for a perfect Auto Unlock experience.
  • After entering the geofence you often do one or two things (shopping etc.) before you go home. A longer Bluetooth search can be handy to let Nuki open the door for you even if you don’t go home directly.

Important notes on changes to the expert settings
In the expert settings we provide our users with a variety of settings. From these, users should be able to compile the settings that are ideal for their individual use case.
Before making any changes, the Auto Unlock feature should work properly with the default settings. Changes to the expert settings are made at your own risk. If the expert settings are modified, we can only provide limited support.

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