Check position (Expert setting for iOS users)

Which method should be used to additionally check your position?

This option is available for iOS users only.
The operating system of your iPhone detects your current position. For Auto Unlock, the Nuki App checks your position again for security reasons, when you leave the geofence.

You can customize the additional checking of your position. However, we recommend validating the location via GPS and Wi-Fi networks.

  • GPS (default)
    Using GPS and location data of Wi-Fi networks for validating your position is usually more accurate than using only location data of Wi-Fi networks. Therefore, we use both methods for additional verification by default. However, it is also more power-intensive.
  • Wi-Fi
    Depending on the density of Wi-Fi networks and GPS signal strength in your area, using location data of Wi-Fi networks may be sufficiently accurate and more power efficient.
  • No additional position check
    In this case we rely solely on the information collected by the operating system.

Important notes on changes to the expert settings
In the expert settings we provide our users with a variety of settings. From these, users should be able to compile the settings that are ideal for their individual use case.
Before making any changes, the Auto Unlock feature should work properly with the default settings. Changes to the expert settings are made at your own risk. If the expert settings are modified, we can only provide limited support.

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