Geofence exit (Expert setting)

Which action should be executed when you leave the geofence?


leaving the geofence

The operating system of your smartphone informs the Nuki app, when you are leaving the geofence. The Nuki app triggers the locking action you have defined.

Use case

Nuki can automatically lock your door when you leave your home. This setting is often used to increase security.


  • Geofence exit: "Lock"
  • Geofence enter: "No action"
  • Device found: "Unlock"
  • Device not found: "No action"

The radius of the geofence is at least 100m. When leaving the geofence, you are no longer within Bluetooth range to your Nuki device. To use this setting, your Nuki device has to be available online.
With the Nuki Bridge you can bring your Nuki device online. For Smart Lock 3.0 Pro, remote access is possible via the built-in Wi-Fi without any additional accessories.

Important notes on changes to the expert settings
In the expert settings we provide our users with a variety of settings. From these, users should be able to compile the settings that are ideal for their individual use case.
Before making any changes, the Auto Unlock feature should work properly with the default settings. Changes to the expert settings are made at your own risk. If the expert settings are modified, we can only provide limited support.

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