Getting started: Matter capable Smart Home hubs

Step 1. Choose a suitable hub as the control center for your Smart Home 

You can quickly and easily integrate your Smart Lock (4th Generation) into your Smart Home. For this, you only need a suitable hub that supports Matter via Thread.
Currently, you can use Matter integration* with Apple Home, Google Home and Samsung SmartThings.
*Matter integration with Amazon Alexa coming soon. 

Matter communicates via Thread 
The Nuki Smart Lock (4th Generation) communicates via Thread. This network technology not only makes your Smart Home more stable but also faster.
Thus, your Matter hub must support Thread.

Leading Smart Home platforms offer a selection of hubs that combine these two functionalities in one device:

Apple Home
* Apple TV 4K (3rd gen, 128 GB)
* Apple TV 4K (2nd gen) with Thread support
* HomePod (2nd gen)
* HomePod mini

Google Home
* Nest Hub (2nd gen)
* Nest Hub Max
* Nest Wifi Pro

Samsung SmartThings
* SmartThings Hub v3
* SmartThings Station

Do you already have a suitable hub for your smart home? Then activate Matter in just a few steps via your Nuki app.

Please note: If you want to use Remote Access via Thread, your Smart Home hub must provide Internet access and support NAT64. Only if NAT64 is enabled on your hub, the Thread devices will have Internet access.
Learn more about the requirements for Remote Access via Thread.

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