Manage the Matter connection of your Smart Lock

The Nuki app offers you several options for managing the Matter connection

Is your Smart Lock already integrated into your smart home via Matter? Then you can customize the connection to suit your individual needs:

  1. Open the settings of your 4th Generation Nuki Smart Lock in the Nuki App.
  2. Select "Features & Configuration" and navigate to the "Smart Home" section at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Now tap on "Matter" to enter the overview screen.

These options are available:


Enable/Disable Matter: If you disable Matter, your Smart Lock will no longer be available via Matter. Existing connections will be deactivated. If you want to reactivate them later, you can easily do so using the slider. You do not need to redo the initial activation. You can simply reactivate the Matter connection.

Enable/Disable Remote Access : A suitable Smart Home hub enables Remote Access via Thread to your Smart Lock via the Nuki app. You don't need a Nuki Bridge or the built-in Wi-Fi module. With Thread you can use all features of the Nuki app even when you're on the go. Remote access can be enabled or disabled at any time.
Learn more about Remote Access via Thread here:
4th Generation Smart Lock: Remote Access via Thread

Add to another Smart Home system: Once you've brought your Smart Lock into the Matter network via Thread, you can connect it to other Smart Home systems. To do so, you'll need a Matter Smart Home hub from the additional Smart Home system you want to use. This additional Matter hub does not need to be Thread-compatible.

Delete connection If you delete the Matter connection, your Smart Lock will no longer be available via Matter. If you wish to use Matter again, you'll need to perform the Matter activation flow once more. Existing Matter connections will be irreversibly deleted.

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