Thread: Designed for your Smart Home

For a stable and reliable Smart Home

Matter allows you to securely control your smart home devices across various platforms. Broad compatibility between different systems is the focus of this development and thus the future of smart homes.
To support Matter, two direct connection technologies can be used: Wi-Fi or Thread.
Nuki communicates via Thread, thus relying on a fast and reliable smart home.
Due to the high energy consumption of Wi-Fi, Nuki will continue to only support Matter via Thread in the future.

Designed for your Smart Home

Thread is a technology developed specifically for smart home applications.Your Smart Lock (4th Generation) can now communicate not only via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth but also via Thread.
By using Thread a mesh network is established. That means your devices are also communicating with each other. If one device fails, the information is transported through another device. The more Thread-enabled devices within the network, the more stable it becomes.

House Cross Section

Your Benefits 

  • Robust network
    With many devices within a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network, connection stability decreases. The opposite is true within a Thread network. The larger the number of connected devices within the network, the more reliable and stable the network becomes. If one device fails, another can step in, thus maintaining stability.
  • Fast response time
    Devices communicating via Thread respond quickly.
    Regardless of the size and density of the network, Thread-enabled devices exhibit particularly short response times. Your smart home will respond even faster to your individual needs.
  • Extended battery life 
    Thread has a very low energy consumption, leading to a significantly extended battery life for your Nuki Smart Lock (4th Generation).
  • No Bridge required
    Your Smart Lock (4th Generation) can be controlled remotely or integrated with other smart home devices without the need for a Nuki Bridge. Remote access to your Smart Lock can be achieved through an Apple TV or HomePod mini acting as a controller. With Matter, you can also manage your Smart Lock while on the go.

Enjoy all these advantages with the new Smart Lock (4th Generation).

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