What happens if the batteries of the Smart Lock are depleted?

If the batteries are depleted, the Smart Lock will not be able to receive any commands
You won’t be able to access your Smart Lock through the Nuki app (or Nuki Web). When you try to connect to the Smart Lock, the app will attempt to establish a connection for about 20 seconds before aborting the attempt. The Smart Lock icon in the app will then appear grayed out, indicating that the device is offline and the status will also show as “Offline”.

During this time, you won’t be able to perform locking actions on the Smart Lock, as the device will not be able to receive any commands. However, you have the option to manually open or lock your door by turning the knob of the Smart Lock. Furthermore, you can still open your door from outside using the conventional physical key.

Don’t worry, before your batteries are fully depleted, Nuki will notify you when the battery level drops below 20%, giving you enough time to replace your batteries or recharge your Power Pack. Learn more

Once power is restored the Smart Lock will perform a positioning run. From now on you can use your Smart Lock as usual again.
If a locking action was aborted due to low battery, it will be shown in the activity log of the Nuki app, along with the positioning run.

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