Remote Access via Thread

Remote Access via Thread will be supported in 2024.

To access your Smart Lock remotely, you don't need either the Nuki Bridge or the built-in Wi-Fi module anymore. Through Thread, you can control your Smart Lock from anywhere you are.
Learn more about Thread.

For using Remote Access via Thread you need a Smart Home Hub that supports Matter via Thread and allow you to bring your device online.

The Smart Lock (4th Generation) comes in two variants

  • If you own a Smart Lock Pro (4th Generation), Remote Access via Thread is a feature already included when it arrives. Alternatively, you can also bring your Smart Lock Pro online through the built-in Wi-Fi module or the Nuki Bridge.
  • If you have a Smart Lock (4th Generation) in the standard version, you can activate Remote Access via Thread through a one-time payment. The Nuki App will guide you through the activation process.
    Once the purchase is successfully completed, you will receive your personal activation code to enable Remote Access.

By activating Remote Access, you can control your Smart Lock via Thread even while on the go. The Nuki Bridge is no longer necessary, as your Smart Home hub serves as the control center for your Smart Lock and brings it online.

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