App Tracking in the beta version of the Nuki Android app

By allowing App Tracking, you actively contribute to further improve the Nuki app.

What does App Tracking mean? 
App Tracking refers to the collection of anonymized usage data within the app. Examples of information collected through App Tracking include how frequently a feature is used or which paths within the Nuki app are clicked most frequently. App Tracking provides us with a better understanding of the preferences and app usage of our customers.

Why do we use App Tracking? 
Our goal is to continuously improve the Nuki app and adapt it to the needs of our users. App Tracking provides us with valuable insights into usage behavior. These anonymous data serve as the basis for optimizations, bug fixes, and the development of new features.

Only in the beta version 
App Tracking only takes place in the beta version of our app. This allows us to gather feedback from selected beta testers and further develop the app based on their actual experiences. Once an app version is officially released, App Tracking no longer takes place.

Protection of your privacy 
We value the protection of your privacy. Therefore, personal data is not collected or stored at any time during App Tracking. All collected information is anonymous and analyzed in aggregated form.

Your contribution to improvements 
By allowing App Tracking, you actively contribute to further improve the Nuki app. Your participation in the beta program and your feedback play an important role in the further development of the Nuki app. You help us make the Nuki app even more intuitive and functional.

Thank you for your trust and valuable support!

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