How do I find the ID of my Nuki Keypad?

In the Nuki app, you can find clear and detailed information about your Keypad.

1. The Nuki Keypad is not yet connected to a Smart Lock
If you haven't connected your Keypad to your Smart Lock yet, first open the Nuki app and access the main menu in the top-left corner of the app (three yellow bars).
Then select the option "Add Device" > "Keypad".
Now, the app displays a list of all available devices. Choose the device from the list that you want to connect to your Keypad.
Follow the instructions in your app to put the Keypad into maintenance mode. By tapping the information icon ( i ) in the top-right corner on the following screen, you will find the ID of your Keypad.

2. The Nuki Keypad is already connected to a Smart Lock
Select the Smart Lock connected to the Keypad in your Nuki app and open the device settings. Now select "Keypad” in the "Lock Permissions" section.

  • If your Smart Lock is connected to a Keypad 2, you will find the settings of the Keypad here. You can open them without any additional intermediate steps. Here, you will find all the configured settings, as well as the Keypad ID and the installed firmware version.
  • If you are using Keypad (1st generation), select "Advanced Settings". Then simply follow the instructions in your app to put the Keypad into maintenance mode.
    Now the settings will be displayed and you can access the Keypad ID, installed firmware version, or available updates.

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