Creating and sending Bridge Logs

Error logs are crucial diagnostic tools for troubleshooting

Error logs are crucial diagnostic tools to identify and resolve the causes of connection issues. Even if you experience problems with push notifications, Bridge Logs can provide valuable insights.

Bridge Logs are generated through the Bridge API. Therefore, this report can only be created for the Nuki Bridge, not for the built-in Wi-Fi module of the Smart Lock 3.0 Pro. Here's how to create and send Bridge Logs:

How to create Bridge Logs

1. Enabling the Bridge HTTP API
Open the Nuki app, go to “Manage Bridge,” and enable the “HTTP API".
You can find out how to access the bridge settings here: Manage Bridge settings
Here, you'll find the Bridge information you need for creating Bridge Logs:

  • IP-address
  • Port
  • Token

Exit the "Manage Bridge" screen and wait for the Bridge to exit maintenance mode and restart. Once the LED turns off, you can create the Bridge Logs as described in Step 2 and send them to our Support Team.

2. Creating the Bridge Logs
Open a browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Safari) on a device connected to the same wireless network as your Nuki Bridge. Replace the previously obtained information (IP address, Port, and Token) in the following URLs:

  • http://IP:PORT/log?count=1000&token=TOKEN
  • http://IP:PORT/info?token=TOKEN

3. Sending the report to Nuki Support
When you access the above URLs, the Bridge Logs will be displayed. Copy the provided report from your web browser and send it to our Support Team, for instance, in the form of a PDF file.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need further assistance.

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