Getting started: Matter activation through the Nuki App

Step 2. Activate Matter via the device settings in the Nuki App

You can activate Matter for your 4th Generation Smart Lock during the initial setup or through the device settings. Please note that you need a Matter capable hub to activate Matter for your Smart Lock.

  1. Make sure you are within Bluetooth range of your Smart Lock.
  2. Open your Nuki App and select the desired Smart Lock. Open the device settings.
  3. Under "Features & Configuration", you will find the "Integrations" section at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the item "Smart Home" and choose "Matter".
  4. The Nuki App will display the supported smart home apps installed on your smartphone.
  5. Open your preferred smart home app and scan the Matter QR code of your Smart Lock or enter the numeric code.
    You can find the Matter code on the back of your Smart Lock and in the packaging.
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Simply follow the instructions in your smart home app to complete the activation.

Your Nuki Smart Lock 4th Generation is now integrated into your smart home via Matter.

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