Average battery consumption of the Nuki Smart Lock

Battery life for your Smart Lock can vary significantly depending on individual use.

Three factors have a strong influence on the battery life:

  1. Battery type
    The Nuki Power Pack has been designed for optimal power supply of your Smart Lock. The battery lifetime is significantly improved compared to common alkaline batteries.
    In addition, the Power Pack allows a permanent power supply of the Smart Lock. So you are always on the safe side.
    The Power Pack is already included in the Pro version of the Smart Lock.
  2. Connection to your Smart Lock
    Depending on the connection used to your Smart Lock, the battery life also changes.
    The power consumption is lowest when you control the Smart Lock via Bluetooth or use the remote access via the Nuki Bridge.
    The power consumption is slightly higher when you enable Remote Access via Thread.
    The battery life is shortest when the built-in Wi-Fi module of the Smart Lock Pro is activated.
  3. Smart Lock generation
    The Smart Lock (4th generation) is significantly more energy-efficient than the previous Smart Lock generations.

The table shows you which runtimes you can expect on average:

Average lifetime of the Nuki Power Pack*

  Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro Nuki Smart Lock Pro (4th generation)
without Remote Access
  6 months 8 to 10 months
with Remote Access
Bridge 6 months 8 to 10 months
Thread not available 7 to 9 months
Wi-Fi module 4 months 6 months

*Power Pack provides an additional 1-2 months of battery life over Alkali batteries, therefore battery life estimates for the Smart Lock Pro are about two months higher. Inserting a Power Pack into the standard Smart Lock will boost the battery life to the same level as for the Pro.

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