Integration via Matter or Nuki Web

Local integration via Matter and integration via Nuki Web

Modern Smart Home systems offer a variety of possibilities to automate and control various devices and features within your home.

When integrating your Smart Lock with Google Home, you have two options to choose from: local integration via Matter and integration through our cloud service, Nuki Web.

The best choice for you depends on your individual needs.

Local Matter integration


Local Matter integration operates within your own network. This has the advantage of providing quick and secure control of your Smart Lock (4th Generation). If you want to control your Smart Lock in your home and prioritize speed and reliability, Matter integration is the right choice for you.
Matter is supported by our Smart Lock (4th Generation) and Smart Lock Pro (4th Generation).
Learn more about Matter

Integration via Nuki Web

Integration through Nuki Web allows you to control your Smart Lock remotely via your Smart Home app. The commands are sent through the cloud and thus you can access your Smart Lock anytime, even when you're outside your home network.
All Nuki Smart Locks support Google Home integration via Nuki Web.

Learn more about the Smart Home integration via Nuki Web

Combined use of both options: More flexibility

You can use local Matter integration and cloud integration simultaneously. This provides you with the flexibility to combine the benefits of both approaches: You can enjoy the speed of local integration in your home while simultaneously using remote access through cloud integration. Furthermore, the cloud connection acts as a fallback for Matter integration.

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