Optimize power consumption of the Smart Lock Pro

How can I reduce the power consumption of my Smart Lock Pro?

If the power consumption of the Smart Lock Pro is significantly higher than expected, we recommend the following solutions:

  1. Connect your Smart Lock to a guest network
    Especially if many devices are connected to the same network, we recommend configuring a guest network and connecting your Smart Lock to it.
  2. Increase connection quality
    The Nuki app provides information about the connection quality (“Settings” > “Connection status”). Make sure that the connection between Smart Lock Pro and the router is very good (green).
    Note: The connection quality is calculated when the Wi-Fi connection is established. Only when the connection is re-established, the connection status is updated.
  3. Enable Remote Access via Thread 
    If there are many devices within a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network, the connection stability decreases. The opposite is true in a Thread-network. The higher the number of connected devices within the network, the more reliable and stable it is. If one device fails, another can step in to maintain stability. Remote access via Thread is included in the Smart Lock Pro (4th generation).
  4. Use the Nuki Bridge
    Alternatively, you can use the Nuki Bridge instead of the built-in Wi-Fi module to connect your Smart Lock Pro to your network. The power consumption of your Smart Lock will not be negatively affected by the integration via Nuki Bridge.
    Here you can find out how to connect your Smart Lock 3.0 with the Nuki Bridge.
    Note: It is not possible to use the integrated Wi-Fi module and Nuki Bridge in parallel.

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