Matter integration with Apple Home

The future of Smart Home 

The first Nuki Smart Lock (4th Generation) supports Matter - the new standard for smart home devices.

With Matter, you can securely control your smart home devices across various platforms. The new communication standard Matter enables seamless integration of your Smart Lock into leading Smart Home ecosystems.

Smart Home

Your Benefits 

  • Interoperability
    Matter-enabled devices can be integrated effortlessly into your smart home. Each family member can use their individually preferred platform to control the smart home.
  • Local integration into your Smart Home
    Matter-enabled devices communicate locally with hubs: Your data never leaves your home.
  • Easy activation 
    Activating Matter is simple and takes just a few moments.
    Learn more.
  • Modern connectivity 
    The Nuki Smart Locks of the 4th Generation use Matter via Thread. This network technology makes your smart home faster and more stable.

Enjoy all these advantages with the new Smart Lock (4th Generation).

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