Smart and intuitive control of your Nuki devices with the reworked Shortcuts for the Nuki App

Shortcuts provide quick access and seamless integration with Siri, Spotlight, and Apple Watches. Here, you'll discover the benefits of the reworked shortcuts and how to make the most of them.

Benefits of reworked Shortcuts

  • Instant availability
    After installing the Nuki app, shortcuts are immediately available in Spotlight, Siri, and the Shortcuts app, providing quick and easy access.
  • Dynamic updates
    Shortcuts automatically update when devices are added or removed, or when device names are changed, ensuring you always have the latest information.
  • Universal device support
    Whether it's a Smart Lock, Opener, or Smart Door, the shortcuts allow you to quickly and easily manage and control all Nuki devices.
  • Default activation
    Shortcuts are enabled by default. There is no need for manual configuration, allowing you to use shortcuts immediately.
  • Integration with Apple Watches
    Access shortcuts directly from your Apple Watch, adding extra convenience to your user experience.

Supported Lock Actions

Through the shortcuts, you can perform one of the following actions:

  • Unlock
  • Lock
  • Open the door
  • Lock 'n' Go for Smart Lock and Smart Door
  • Ring to Open for the Nuki Opener

Once the action is executed, you will receive a confirmation. Additionally, you can check the device status at any time via shortcuts.

The app supports Siri phrases

With Siri Shortcuts, you can interact with the Nuki app easily and intuitively. Simply mention "Nuki", the name of your device, and the action you want to perform. Siri will respond and fulfill your requests.

How to Talk to Siri

When speaking to Siri, the phrase should include "Nuki", the "Name of the device", and the "Action" you want to perform.

Example: You want your Smart Lock named "Home" to lock your door.
Say: "Hey Siri! Lock Nuki 'Home'"
Siri confirms the action once it's successfully performed ("Home" locked).

Shortcuts Settings

For users of iOS 16 and below, the existing shortcuts will remain available. To activate them, open the menu in the Nuki app (top left, three yellow bars), go to "App Settings", and then "Shortcuts."

From iOS 17 onwards, only the new shortcuts will be offered to ensure an efficient and comfortable user experience. Shortcuts are enabled by default and require no manual settings.
However, already configured shortcuts remain available and continue to function.

With the reworked shortcuts for the Nuki app, you enjoy all the benefits of smart and intuitive control of your Nuki devices. Seamlessly integrate shortcuts into your daily routine with simple phrases and feedback.

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