Installation Guide for Your Smart Hosting Integration

1. Install the Nuki App and the Nuki device

Download the free Nuki App from the Apple App Store, Google Playstore or Huawei App Gallery.
The Nuki App will guide you step by step through the setup of your Nuki devices.
Learn more about setting up your Nuki devices

2. Check the device settings

  • The Security Code prevents your guests from changing settings and permissions for your Smart Lock.
    Learn more.
    If you haven't set a Security Code during setup, do so now via the Nuki App.
    Go to "Features & Configuration," then "General," and click on "Change Security Code".
  • By disabling Bluetooth pairing you prevent guests from pairing the Smart Lock with another smartphone.
    Disable Bluetooth pairing under "Features & Configuration" > "Button & LED" "Bluetooth Pairing".
  • We recommend the Nuki Power Pack for optimal power supply for your Smart Lock.

3. Enable Remote Access

To take advantage of direct integration with one of our Property Management Software partners, you need Remote Access to your Nuki device. Depending on your Nuki device, there are different options to establish Remote Access.

Instructions for activating Remote Access can be found here:
How to connect your Smart Lock to the Nuki Bridge
How to activate the built-in Wi-Fi of the Smart Lock Pro
How to activate Remote Access via Thread

4. Activate Nuki Web

Manage your Smart Locks easily and efficiently with Nuki Web, and link them to your property management software.

How to create your Nuki Web account

  1. Open the settings of your Smart Lock via your Nuki App and choose "Features & Configuration”.
  2. Scroll to the "Integrations" section in the app and tap on "Nuki Web".
  3. Follow the app instructions to create your Nuki Web account.
    Learn more about activating Nuki Web.

5. Link the Property Management Software

You can use the integration with our direct property management software partners via your Nuki Web account.

How to link property management software and Nuki

  1. Log in to your Nuki Web account.
  2. Click on "Short Term Rental" > "Connect Now”. Now, you see a list of our Property Management Software Partners that are directly integrated with Nuki.
  3. Now select the property management software partner(s) you want to connect with Nuki.

Depending on the partner integration, the next steps vary slightly:

6. Assign your Smart Lock to the correct vacation rental

  1. Click on "Short Term Rental" in the menu on the left side to find a list of your accommodations. Click on the listing where you installed your Smart Lock.
  2. The popup displayed now allows you to link the desired Nuki device with your listing.
    Select the Nuki device(s) installed in the accommodation from the drop-down menu.
  3. To customize some details about the booking click on "Settings".
    Settings that can be customized are:
    - Date of dispatch of the invitation to your guests
    - Recipient of the invitation
    - Type of invite codes your guests receive (Nuki App, Keypad or both)
    - Receive check-in status by email
    - Receive battery alerts per email
  4. Click "Save" to complete the linking.

Now, your vacation rental and the Smart Lock are linked, and your guests will automatically receive access permissions before their stay.

7. Automated access management

Your guests will receive a notification before their check-in, providing all information about accessing the accommodation via Nuki. By default, this message is sent 72 hours before the check-in time. However, you can change the time manually in the settings.
Depending on your individual setup your guests receive invitation codes for locking via the Keypad and/or the Nuki app.

Learn more about automatically created access permissions and notifications for your guests.

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