Connect Nuki and Guesty

The integration with Guesty can be used via your Nuki Web account.

How to Link Guesty and Nuki

  1. Log in to your Nuki Web-Account.
  2. Click on "Short Term Rental" > "Connect Now”. Now, you see a list of our Property Management Software Partners.
  3. Click "Link" to connect Nuki to the short-term rental integrator Guesty.
    A window will open prompting you to enter a Guesty API token.
    This token is needed to connect Nuki to your property management software and grant Nuki access to bookings.
  4. You will find the API token in your property management software's account area.
    Copy the token, and paste it into the designated text field in your Nuki Web account.
    Now click again "Link".
  5. Click on "Short Term Rental" in the menu on the left side in your Nuki Web account to find a list of your accommodations. Click on the listing where you installed your Nuki device(s).
  6. The popup displayed now allows you to link the desired Nuki device with your listing.
    Select the Nuki device(s) installed in the accommodation from the dropdown menu.
  7. To customize some details about the booking, click on "Settings".
    Here you can define when the invitation is sent to your guests or which notifications you, as the host, want to receive.
  8. Click "Save" to complete the linking.

Now, your vacation rental and the Smart Lock are linked, and your guests will automatically receive access permissions before their stay.

Note: You can find a detailed guide from downloading the Nuki app to automatically sending invitations to your guests here.

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