How do guests receive their invitation?

Your guests receive their digital keys automatically.

An invitation is automatically sent to your guests 72 hours (by default) before the check-in time. This message includes individual invitation codes for all guests and a brief guide on using Nuki devices.
Using the invitation code, your guests can add the Nuki device to the Nuki app and gain access to all Nuki devices at the booked accommodation.

Airbnb: Invitation via the Airbnb messaging system

Starting in September 2023, Nuki invitations are sent to your guests through the Airbnb messaging system by default. The Airbnb messaging provides a simple and efficient way to communicate with your guests.
To ensure a seamless experience in sending invitations, you can customize the invitation settings. Simply click on the listing in your Nuki Web Account and access the settings. Under the "Recipient of the invitation" option, you can customize the settings according to your individual needs.

You have the following options to choose from:

  • "Me and my guests" (in the Airbnb app, API option): This option is selected by default. Both you as the host and your guests automatically receive a message with the invitation in the Airbnb app.
  • "Only me" (via email): If you select this option, only you as the host receive the invitation via email. Guests don’t receive app messages or emails. Please note that in this case, you need to manually share invitation and Keypad entry codes with your guests.

For additional flexibility, you can choose both options. This way, your guests will receive their invitation and entry codes through the Airbnb messaging system, and you will also receive an email with this information as a backup.

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