Access permission via App or Nuki Web

You can activate or deactivate automatically generated permissions.

Your guests will receive a message with invitation codes for the booked accommodation before the check-in time. After the check-out time, permissions are automatically deleted.

If needed these actions can be triggered manually:

  1. Log in to your Nuki Web account.
  2. Navigate to the "Short Term Rental" section and select the relevant listing to view the active booking(s).
  3. Click on "Activate Now" or "Deactivate Now" next to the booking to manually trigger the process.

You can also manually create and manage permissions for your device at any time via Nuki Web or the Nuki App.

How to create permissions via Nuki Web
Create a Keypad entry code via Nuki Web
Create a new permission via Nuki Web

How to create permissions via Nuki App
Open the Nuki App and click on your device. Then open the settings.
Go to "Lock Permissions" > “User” to create an invitation code for the Nuki App.
Go to "Lock Permissions" > “Keypad” to create new Keypad entry codes.
Learn more: Adding & Managing Lock Permissions

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