Smart Door installation

The ideal access solution for your new home!

Authorized third party technicians will install your Smart Door and perform the initial setup for you.
The only requirement is the availability of electricity near the door.

Unlike the Nuki Smart Lock, the Smart Door is not a retrofit solution, but the Nuki Button is integrated directly into your door. To enjoy all the benefits of Nuki, the Nuki Button needs to be connected to a compatible motor lock.

Thanks to the cooperation with established lock and door manufacturers, you benefit from the highest level of convenience and quality.

KFV Genius & Nuki

In cooperation with KFV and motorized multipoint locking, you get your Smart Door from leading door manufacturers.

An authorized technician will install your Smart Door and connect the Genius multipoint lock and the Nuki Button. To communicate with the Nuki Button, the motor lock must have a UART3V3 or RS485 interface.
Only through the digital interface all features of Nuki can be used without limitations.

KFV technicians support you with all questions concerning the hardware of your Smart Door.
Questions concerning the software can be answered by our Nuki support.

CISA DOMO Connexa & Nuki

In Italy the Smart Door is distributed by the company CISA. The Smart Door, including the CISA DOMO Connexa and the Nuki Button, is installed by an authorized technician of the third party provider (CISA).

Please contact to discover the nearest Smart Door distributor.

CISA technicians will assist you with any questions regarding the hardware of your Smart Door.
Questions regarding the software can be answered by our Nuki support.

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