Smart Action Center

The Smart Action Center includes the Auto Unlock, as well as the Smart Notifications and Smart Warnings.

  • With Auto Unlock, Nuki unlocks the door automatically when you come near the Smart Door. Here you can learn more about the Auto Unlock.
  • Enable Smart Notifications to get a push notification on your smartphone when you get close to your Smart Door. With an action button you can unlock the door quickly, without opening the Nuki app.
  • The Smart Warnings will notify you when you leave your Smart Door and it is still unlocked. You can lock the door directly by clicking on the action button.
Smart Action Center

The features give you the highest possible degree of transparency and comfort.
Whether you've activated the Auto Unlock or not - with the actionable notifications, you can quickly lock or unlock the door without opening the Nuki app. Simply tap on the desired lock action in the notification.
This is also very handy for smartwatch users as they do not have to use their smartphone or open the Nuki app on the smartwatch.

Note: Smart Notifications and Smart Warnings will only work if location services and notifications are enabled for the Nuki app.

How to improve the quality of the Smart Actions and especially the Auto Unlock

  • Activating Wi-Fi improves the quality of Smart Actions, since it can help to determine the location of your smartphone.
  • Due to energy-saving settings of your smartphone, you may have to wait a few seconds before Auto Unlock opens your door automatically. To avoid this, you can simply wake up your phone by pressing the home or power button on the phone, just before you arrive your door door - and the Nuki Auto Unlock will work even faster.
  • If you use an Android device, you should disable the battery optimisation for the Nuki app, so that the Nuki app receives the location data, which are required for Smart Actions, without delay from the operating system.
  • With the Auto Unlock Expert Settings you can customize the configuration for the automatic locking actions to suit your individual needs.
  • The Auto Unlock Info Screen shows you a map where you can track the current state of the Auto Unlock. There are also the Auto Unlock expert settings, which allow you to configure different actions for geofece events.

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