Smart Door firmware update

With the automatic firmware update your Nuki device is always up to date.

Everyday Nuki checks if a new firmware version is available for your Nuki device. If a new version is available, it can be installed automatically overnight. This way you benefit from updates immediately without having to be on site.
Note: To activate automatic firmware updates, you need online access to your Nuki device.

This is how you activate automatic updates for your Nuki device:

Nuki app
Tap on the desired Nuki device in the Nuki app and select "Settings" > "Features & Configuration" > "General" > "Firmware update" > Automatic updates”.

Nuki Web
You can also activate this feature remotely via Nuki Web: Select your device in your Nuki Web account and activate the "Automatic Updates" feature under "Administration".

Firmware updates will be installed automatically to keep your Nuki device up to date without manual interaction.
Of course we will notify you when a new firmware version has been installed: You will find the information in the activity log in the Nuki app or in your Nuki web account. If you want, we also inform you via push notification.
Automatic updates can be deactivated at any time via the same way in the Nuki app or via Nuki Web.

Manual firmware update

When a firmware update for your Nuki device is available you get notified in the Nuki smartphone app. You can also search for updates in the device settings. Tap on the desired device in the Nuki app and enter the device settings. Then go to "Features & Configuration" > "General" and choose "Firmware update". Now follow the instructions in the Nuki app to update the firmware of your Nuki device.

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