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Protect your Nuki device against unauthorized access.

By setting up a four-digit PIN code you can protect your Nuki device ("Features & Configuration", "Activity log" and "Lock Permissions") against unauthorized access.

How to set a PIN-Code?
To set a PIN, tap on the desired device in the Nuki app and open the device settings. Then select "Features & Configuration" > "General". Here you can configure the PIN under the option "Change PIN".

Is there an administrator?
Every user who knows the PIN code can make changes to the device configuration. This means that there is no exclusive administrator for the Nuki app. Users who know the PIN can therefore view the areas mentioned above. Users who do not know it, do not have access to configuration, activity log and lock permissions.

Forgot your PIN code?
If you have forgotten the PIN code for your Nuki device and no other user knows the PIN, you must reset the Nuki device to factory settings to regain access to the PIN-protected areas.

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