Smart Lock batteries

Nuki Smart Lock works with four standard AA batteries. These are included in your Nuki package. You can get new ones in any supermarket.

The battery lifetime is strongly related to the number of locking procedures and also to the smoothness of the locking operation. In standby mode Nuki needs a minimum amount of power. Assuming an average of 8-10 locking operations per day, Nuki’s included alkaline batteries will last for about several months. When the temperature is very low, or the door does not work smoothly, or the latch is being pulled often (“open door”), then the battery life may be significantly shorter. More information about battery types and durability you can find on the bottom of this page.

How to change the batteries

At a power level of 20% Nuki will notify you via the Nuki app and directly on the Smart Lock. So there is enough time to replace your batteries of your Smart Lock. In case you are not able to change the batteries in time, you can still use your existing, mechanical key.

To replace the batteries, proceed as follows:



  1. The battery compartment is located on the bottom of the Smart Lock. To open it, press the small lever in the arrow direction and take the battery compartment out of the Smart Lock.
  2. Replace the batteries and insert the battery compartment back into the Smart Lock.


Battery type and durability

Nuki Smart Lock will automatically detect if alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries are used. This optimizes the respective limits for the battery warning. You can also configure the battery type manually (requires Nuki App version 1.6 or higher and Smart Lock firmware version 1.4.5 or higher). Tap on the desired Smart Lock and enter the lock settings. Then go to Manage Smart Lock > Battery type.

Please note that cheap batteries from discount stores will be depleted faster and the battery warning can be displayed shortly after the battery change.

Recommendation: Rechargeable batteries Panasonic eneloop pro

For a longer usage we recommend the rechargeable batteries Panasonic eneloop pro which have been tested by Nuki. These batteries last about twice as long as alkaline batteries. Furthermore, they are rechargeable and thus more environmentally friendly than alkaline batteries.

Maximum durability: Lithium batteries

Lithium Batteries (e.g. Energizer Ultimate Lithium) provide the maximum durability and last up to three times as long as alkaline batteries, but they are significantly more expensive.

If you are using lithium batteries, you must set this type of battery manually in the Nuki app, because the Smart Lock can not automatically detect lithium batteries. Tap on the desired Smart Lock and enter the lock settings. Then go to Manage Smart Lock > Battery type.

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