Locking with the Smart Lock

Locking the Smart Lock via button or knob

You can lock or unlock your door by pressing the button on the Smart Lock. Alternatively, you can simply turn the aluminium knob on the Smart Lock, as if you would turn the mechanical key.

Nuki Button to Lock and Go
Nuki rotary know for your Smart Lock

Lock ’n’ Go on the Smart Lock

When you press the button on your Smart Lock twice, the door will be unlocked (if it is not already unlocked) and locked again automatically after 20 seconds.

If you have started the Lock ’n’ Go function and want to cancel it, just press the button on your Smart Lock again twice.

The Lock ’n’ Go function is especially useful if you want to leave your home. When you press the button on the Smart Lock twice, you have 20 seconds to go out the door. After 20 seconds, the Smart Lock locks the door behind you. Your smartphone remains in your pocket.

Smart Lock locks automatically

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