Adapter for turning knob for attaching Smart Lock to knob cylinder

The Nuki Smart Lock is compatible with conventional knob cylinders.

The adaptor acts as a connector between the knob cylinder and your Smart Lock and must be ordered along for proper use.

Note: First generation devices do not support knob cylinders yet. Thus, knob cylinder are compatible with every Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 and 3.0 (Pro).

Here's how the ordering process works:
If you have a rotating knob on the inside of your front door, select the following option for your desired product in the Nuki Shop: "I have a rotating knob on the inside of my door and would like to order a free adaptor for my Smart Lock".

In the next step, select the manufacturer of your cylinder and the relevant adaptor for your knob cylinder can be added to your order. The name of the cylinder manufacturer (e.g. EVVA, CISA, KESO, etc.) is often written on the exterior side of your door. The matrix gives you an overview of the different shapes your adaptor might have.



Disassemble the knob from your cylinder. Keep to the requirements of the cylinder manufacturer.


Adapter Montage 1



Use the specific adapter that fits your cylinder for the assembly of the Smart Lock, instead of the key.


Adapter Montage 2



In the mapping table you can see which adapter fits with which cylinder.


Adapter Montage 3


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