Upgrading to the Smart Lock 2.0

Tips for upgrading from the 1st generation Smart Lock to the Smart Lock 2.0

All Nuki products are compatible with each other.

When upgrading from your 1st generation Smart Lock to the new Smart Lock 2.0, you should fully migrate your Nuki setup to your new electronic door lock so that the devices communicate with each other optimally and without delay.

Nuki Bridge

If you are using your existing Nuki Bridge for the new Smart Lock 2.0, you should remove the unused 1st generation Smart Lock from the Bridge in order to avoid delays in the Bridge communication. With the Nuki app you can search for your Bridge in maintenance mode by opening the menu and choosing "Manage Bridge", then remove the 1st generation Smart Lock from the Bridge.

Nuki App

Update your Nuki app via iOS App Store or Google Play Store and keep it up to date to take advantage of all the features of your Nuki Smart Lock 2.0.

You can also remove your retired 1st generation Smart Lock from your Nuki app when you're done using it. This is not only for the sake of clarity and neatness, but also for ideal connection speed between Nuki app and Smart Lock.

With these actions the connection between your Nuki app and your Nuki Bridge can fully concentrate on the new Smart Lock 2.0 and there will be no delays in communication between the devices - for the optimal Nuki experience!

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