Set up your Nuki Bridge

The Nuki app guides you through the initial setup.

The Nuki Bridge brings your device online and makes it remotely available for all authorized users.


Bridge setup explained step by step

Setting up the Nuki Bridge takes only a few minutes.

  1. Enter the maintenance mode to manage your Bridge
    Insert the Nuki Bridge into a power socket near your Nuki device (max. 5 meters distance). The Nuki Bridge is then automatically in maintenance mode and ready to be set up with the Nuki app.

    Note: If the Bridge was set up in the past, you have to bring the Bridge actively in maintenance mode. To do so, insert the Bridge into the power socket while pressing the button for at least 10 seconds.
    The maintenance mode is indicated by the LED flashing every second.

  2. Connect the Nuki app to the Bridge in maintenance mode
    Open the Nuki app and enter the main menu (top left, three yellow bars). Select "Add devices" > "Bridge". The Nuki app guides you through the required steps.
  3. Configure your Wi-Fi settings
    Select the Wi-Fi network and enter the password. If you want to use the API, you can activate it now.
  4. Save the settings
    The Nuki app will now show you Server, Bridge and Nuki device in an overview. Server and Bridge are marked with a green dot.
  5. Pair your Bridge and Nuki device
    If you tap on the plus (+), you can connect the desired Nuki device to the Bridge. Nuki device and Nuki Bridge are now paired and the installation is finished.

Tips on how to avoid problems during the initial setup

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