Manage Bridge settings

Using the Nuki app to manage your Bridge settings

Your security is our priority!
For security reasons, settings of your Bridge can only be managed when you are on site. Your Bridge has to be in maintenance mode.

  1. Enter the maintenance mode to manage your Bridge
    Unplug the Nuki Bridge from the socket and plug it back in while keeping the button pressed. The maintenance mode is indicated by the LED blinking every second.
  2. Connect the Nuki app to the Bridge in maintenance mode
    Open the Nuki app and enter the main menu (top left, three yellow bars). Select "Manage my devices" > "Manage Bridge".

Manage Bridge

The Nuki app will now show you Server, Bridge and Nuki device in an overview. If all components are connected, they are marked with a green dot.

  • Server
    Choose or change your network to connect your Bridge to the desired Wi-Fi.
  • Bridge
    Get the Bridge ID and the installed firmware version or reset the Bridge to factory defaults.
    You can also activate the HTTP API here.
  • Device
    Choose or change the Nuki device you want to control online. Here you can also find out the connection status of your Nuki device.

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