Mounting and installation of the Nuki Opener

The Nuki app guides you through the installation of your Opener

Like all Nuki products, the Nuki Opener is designed for DIY installation.
It is connected using the screw terminals of your intercom. The Nuki app shows you which wires of the Opener and the intercom have to be connected. In order to display the appropriate connection diagram for your system, the Nuki app asks for the manufacturer and model of your intercom during the initial setup.

Please only use the wiring diagrams specified by us. The Nuki app will guide you through the installation steps required for your system.


Mounting instructions

The Nuki Opener can be glued or screwed to the wall. For installations with an adhesive pad, the surface must be even and free from grease, dust, and dirt. Alternatively, the Nuki Opener can be screwed on. You can either use the included screws and dowels, or other installation materials that are appropriate for the wall texture.

Note: Only use the Nuki Opener with intercom systems with a maximum voltage of 50 V AC/DC and a maximum current of 2 A.

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