Opener installation

The Nuki Opener turns your existing intercom into a smart door opener. It was designed for DIY installation in your home.

Compatibility check

In two steps, you can discover whether your intercom is ready to be upgraded and whether your can install the Nuki Opener in your home. Under the following link in the category “compatibility check” you can select the brand and model of your intercom: Nuki Opener compatibility check

Installation instructions

The Nuki Opener is connected using the screw terminals that are already present in the intercom. The corresponding installation instructions can be found in the Nuki app for iOS or Android smartphones. Please only use the wiring diagrams specified by us.

Only use the Nuki Opener with intercom systems with a maximum voltage of 50 V AC/DC and a maximum current of 2 A.

The Nuki Opener can be glued or screwed to the wall. For installations with an adhesive pad, the surface must be even and free from grease, dust, and dirt. Alternatively, the Nuki Opener can be screwed on. You can either use the included screws and dowels, or other installation materials that are appropriate for the wall texture.

Power supply

The Nuki Opener is operated by four AAA batteries; no power is drawn from the building system. This prevents power theft and you can also install the Nuki Opener without your landlord’s approval.

Where to find the brand and model of the intercom

The brand or manufacturer of your intercom system can usually be found on the outside of the housing. The corresponding model number can be found on the main board of your intercom system. Your intercom can be opened in a few simple steps so that you can find the model number.

The housing of the intercom system is usually clipped or screwed on. First remove the screws. If the housing is clipped on, press the enclosed screwdriver carefully into the hole on the bottom of the housing and lift the housing up. You can simply leave the handset hanging down.

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