Configuration with digital and analog systems

The Nuki Opener is compatible with numerous digital and analog intercom systems

Analogue systems have several wires connected to them, while bus based systems are digital and are typically connected with only two wires. They are treated by the Opener in fundamentally different ways:

  • Analogue systems are actuated by shortening contacts.
  • Bus systems are actuated by replaying recorded signals. They need a recording phase during which the door opening and ring signals are recorded by the Opener. This is done during the initial setup or whenever “Configure Opener” is chosen.
  • Mixed systems are partially analogue and partially bus based. Unknown systems of this type can only be connected as “other doors”.

The Nuki Opener has been designed to be compatible with the entire Nuki product range. So if you already have a Smart Lock and a Nuki Bridge in use, you can connect your Opener to the same Bridge to control it remotely.

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