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Nuki Fob v2
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The Nuki Fob is a small, handy Bluetooth key fob with which the door can be locked or unlocked at any time, even without a smartphone.

The requirement for this is the pairing with the respective Smart Lock.

A)  Pairing directly via Bluetooth  (Nuki Fob 1st & 2nd generation)

  1. Get in Bluetooth range to the Smart Lock.
  2. Hold down the button on the Smart Lock for 5 seconds to start the pairing mode. The Smart Lock is in pairing mode when the LED ring is permanently glowing.
  3. Hold down the button on the Fob for 5 seconds to start the pairing mode. The Fob is in pairing mode when the light is permanently glowing.
  4. The pairing of the Fob and the Smart Lock is finished when the lights stop glowing.

B)  Pairing via Nuki App  (Nuki Fob 2nd generation)

In contrast to the Nuki Fob 1st generation, which can only be paired with one Smart Lock, the Nuki Fob 2nd generation can be connected to several Smart Locks (one Fob for up to 100 Smart Locks).

In addition to the above mentioned pairing method A, the Nuki Fob 2nd generation can be managed with the Nuki smartphone app. To connect the Nuki Fob 2nd generation with your Nuki app, navigate to the Nuki app menu (top left) and select "Add Fob". Then follow the instructions in the app. With a Nuki Bridge this works even remotely, if you are not within Bluetooth range of the respective Nuki device.

After the pairing, the Nuki app displays the authorized Fob in the lock permissions for the paired Nuki device and thus enables the configuration of time-limited access permissions. Further information can be found here: Manage Fob users

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