Re-establish online access

Restarting the Nuki Bridge will re-establish the connection

If you have connected your Nuki device to a Nuki Bridge, you can control your Nuki device from afar. If this does not work, a reboot of the Bridge will help. The connection between Nuki device, Bridge and server will be re-established.

To reboot the Nuki Bridge remove the Bridge from the power socket and insert it again. After the reboot it may take some time until your Nuki device is online again.
Please wait a few minutes before testing the online access.

This is how you test the remote access

  1. Restart the Nuki app
  2. Deactivate Bluetooth
  3. Select "Unlock" or "Lock" in the Nuki app
    Your door should now be unlocked or locked by Nuki.

Your Nuki device is not online?

If your Nuki device is not available after restarting the Nuki Bridge, contact our technical support or create a support ticket directly in your Nuki app. Describe your observations as detailed as possible and attach a screenshot of the connection status to your request.
Our support team will be happy to assist you!

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