Power supply of the Keypad (Version 1)

Lifetime of the batteries

The Nuki Keypad is battery operated and comes with two button cells (CR2032). The average life of the batteries is 12-18 months; this corresponds to about 30,000 lock actions. If the batteries of the keypad are empty, you will need your smartphone, Nuki Fob or the physical key to open your door.

Replacing the batteries

To replace the batteries of the Nuki Keypad, open the housing by detaching the lower part of the keypad from the upper one - this can be done easily without tools. If necessary, use a flat-head screwdriver to remove the batteries, if the batteries are not too easy to remove. Now insert two new CR2032 batteries (button cells) and close the case carefully.

Open the Housing of the Keypad 1 - detach the lower part from the upper one

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