Locking with the Keypad

You can use your Keypad not only to unlock but also to lock your door

During the setup of your Keypad, you can decide whether you only want to open the door with the Keypad or also lock the door with it. There are the following options:

1.) Lock with back key
When the door is unlocked and you press the back button on the Keypad, Nuki locks the door.
2.) Lock with entry code and fingerprint
When the door is unlocked and you enter the entry code on the Keypad or legitimately use the fingerprint sensor, Nuki locks the door.
3.) Do not lock
Use the Keypad only for opening the door.

You can change this setting in the Keypad settings at any time. To do so, tap on the Nuki device connected to the Keypad in the Nuki app and enter the device settings. Now select "Locking permissions" > "Keypad" > "Settings" to change the permission of the Keypad according to your personal preference.

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