Security through code protection

The security code protects your Keypad from unauthorized access.

During the initial setup of the Nuki Keypad you have to define a 6-digit security code - your personal Secure Code. Entering the Secure Code is required whenever you want to manage your Nuki Keypad or connect another device to the Nuki Keypad. The Secure Code therefore protects your Keypad from unauthorized access and theft.

Please write down your security code. You cannot manage or reset your Keypad without entering your Secure Code.

Forgot security code? If you have forgotten your security code, please contact the Nuki support. Please provide the following information:

  1. Keypad ID
    You can find the Keypad ID in your Nuki app. Learn more
  2. Invoice
    We also need you to send us an email with a scan of your invoice, which confirms the purchase of the Keypad.

With your provided Keypad ID and your invoice we can check the validity of the data and help you to regain access to your Keypad.

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