Opener power supply

The power supply of the Nuki Opener is independent from the building system

The Nuki Opener is operated by four type AAA batteries; no power is drawn from the building system. This prevents power theft and you can also install the Nuki Opener without your landlord’s approval.

The batteries are included in the scope of delivery and already inserted in the device.

To replace the batteries, the cover of the Nuki Opener can be lifted off.

Alternatively, the Nuki Opener can be operated with 5 V using a micro USB cable (not included with delivery).

Note: To insert or replace the batteries, open the Nuki Opener by carefully lifting the cover over the Micro USB port and pulling it forward. If the Nuki Opener is already fixed to the wall, just hold it by the side edges of the case and tilt the case forward.
If the opener is not mounted yet, you can press against the button while tilting the case forward at the side edges.

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