Power Pack does not charge

Charge the battery of your Nuki Power Pack using one of the integrated USB Type-C ports.
You can also charge the Nuki Power Pack directly in the Smart Lock or on the door. This means you can keep your Smart Lock permanently connected to the power supply.

    • Please charge your Power Pack with the enclosed USB cable before first use.
    • Power supplies differ in quality and functionality. Nuki does not support fast charging (Power Delivery). Therefore, charging the Nuki Power Pack with a modern charger that uses the so-called Power Delivery technology may not work successfully.
      For optimal performance we recommend the Amazon 5W USB Original Charger and Power Adapter.
    • If you plug in the Nuki Power Pack for charging while the battery of the Power Pack is still over 75%, the charging process does not start.
      The charging process is only started when the charge level has dropped below 75%. This is to protect the battery.
    • The average charging time from empty to full is about 10 hours. During the charging process the LED flashes. When the Nuki Power Pack is fully charged the LED turns off.

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