Connection status

The Nuki app shows you detailed information about the connection status of your Smart Lock. To check the connection status, select the desired Smart Lock in the Nuki app and open the lock's settings.

The connection quality of all components to each other is color-coded:
* Green = stable connection between the components
* Orange = unstable connection between the components
* Gray = no connection between the components

To ensure reliable online access to your Smart Lock, make sure that the connection quality via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is optimal.

Internet Verbindung des elektronischen Türschlosses

Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth connection between Smart Lock and smartphone

Under optimal conditions, you can control your Smart Lock from about 15 meters away with your smartphone via Bluetooth.
Reinforced doors or shielding materials, such as glass or metal, can limit the range.

Note: Connecting via Bluetooth can take a long time if you have enabled online access but there is no connection to the Nuki server.

Bluetooth connection between Smart Lock and Bridge

Smart Lock and Bridge communicate with each other via Bluetooth. A stable Bluetooth connection is therefore necessary to reliably access your Smart Lock remotely.
Make sure that the Bridge and Smart Lock are in close proximity to each other. The distance should not exceed five to eight meters. However, the maximum possible distance between the devices depends on the local conditions. Walls and shielding materials such as glass or metal significantly reduce the Bluetooth signal.

Smart Lock 3.0 Pro: Built-in Wi-Fi module

The Smart Lock 3.0 Pro is equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi module. You do not need the Nuki Bridge to bring your Smart Lock 3.0 Pro online.

Connection to the Nuki Server

To access your Nuki device remotely, a stable connection to our servers is required. If you have successfully connected your device to your Wi-Fi, the connection line between Bridge and server or Wi-Fi module and server will be highlighted in green.
If the connection line to the server is gray, you cannot control your Smart Lock remotely. To troubleshoot, please follow the steps listed here.

Note: Limited connection quality does not only affect the stability of online access, but also power consumption will increase.
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